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Bead breaking

I've just purched a 950 non S for a trip to southern Argentina this winter
and had Woody's lace up a set of 19/17 rims for better tire choice.
He's mills the inner bead flat about 5 or six inches on either side of the
valve hole to ease breaking down the bead. This looks to be a workable solution, which Woody recomended. On my other 950 an '04 S
it was imposible to break the rear stock setup. I rode a rear flat 40 miles out of the Idaho back country and it never broke. You could mill the bead off the
stock rims but you would still have the weak stock rims. Better to have some
Sun or Excels laced up. I've got 25,000 miles of hard riding on my '04 S
with Sun rims with no problems and they break down without to much
effort. I had 7 flats on a recient Baja trip,4 in one day so i have a lot of

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