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Originally Posted by MF1A
Hello guys.

i'm on the road again, on a long trip around my country, and i'm having problems of overheating, i'm discarting posible issues like air on lines, coolant leaks, water pump issues, problems on the rads, but everything is perfect, so i was wondering, maybe the thermostat is close (or wathever the thermostat do when runs out), so any of you guys had removed the thermostat of your lc4? is any issues i should know about?, please remember i'm on the road, i have only basic tools, and no chance of buying new stuff for at least 1 more week.

all the info i can get is more than wellcome
thak you guys

Do the rads get hot to the touch when the bike has been running for a bit? This would indicate that there is indeed coolant flowing through them, and the thermostat is most likely not stuck shut (or at least not completely).

When you say the bike is overheating, is it puking coolant out the overflow? Or is the temp light coming on? You had wired a fan, right? Is it still working?

Hope you can get this sorted.
Nate in N.E.

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