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Well I finally got the wingletts and installation hardware from Chicago. Since there were no instructions I reviewed the posts on the list and took a stab at installation. It was relatively easy (except for the part where your hand needs eyes so it can see under the bodywork). Anyway with the install done I put on my helmet for a test ride.

With my Nolan and no earplugs it was noticably more quiet. Maybe not $60 more quiet but some. Since I usually wear ear plugs I stopped and put them in. Well -- it really is more quiet, substantially more quiet, and the wash from trucks ahead doesn't hit my shoulders anymore. So by then I decided this really was a good idea. Then I moved my windscreen (GIVI) up one more notch. At that point things got quiet, REAL FREAKIN QUIET.

I have to give you guys credit this may be the best $45 I have ever spent on a recommendation from the forum.
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