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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
I would strongly recommend that you replace the CS sprocket bolt and it's spring washer when replacing the CS sprocket - consider it a consumable part. Although you might get away with reusing them, for the price it is not worth the risk. They are sold together:

CS sprocket bolt and spring washer P/N 590.33.034.044 $4.25

Discussion linked HERE.

Thanks...I have read that other posting about 100 times already to make sure I knew what I was getting into. :)

I actually ended up not replacing the sprocket as I decided to wait for the parts you mentioned.

I did take the cover off last night with plans to replace it, however, it seems there is a tabbed washer of some sort behind the nut. One side folded over to help prevent the nut from backing off. Looks like I need a replacement for that washer before I can even think of taking that thing apart.

It looks like the tab is only possible on one side of the nut...does that make sense?

I was expecting to be able to re-use the nut/etc as the bike is only 3 weeks old with 600 miles on it...

It is going to the dealer tomorrow for it's 600 mile service, so I may just have them do it while it's there...hate to pay to have someone else do this type of thing though. I even went out and bought a torque wrench just for this!

Thanks for the pointer though...the lc4 index is awesome, one of my favorite places on this site since buying my new 640. :)

-- Jason
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