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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
Ah, so you were on top of this. I am not sure what version of the CS bolt/washer your model year has; sounds like the older one that folks talk about so I am surprised to hear it is on your almost new bike.
Not sure...I have tried to find a photo of what it looks like but have not yet found one. Perhaps I'll go take a photo of it tonight and post it. The bike is an '06 that I purchased new about 4 weeks ago.

Originally Posted by meat popsicle
That said, why do you have to REPLACE the sprocket after only 600 miles?!? I could imagine you might want to exchange for a different tooth count - but is the stock CS sprocket already fried? If you are only exchanging the sprocket then I would expect you to be able to reuse the bolt/spring washer combo (w/loctite) for a spell, but I have no idea about the tabbed washer.
I'm just replacing the 16t sprocket with a 15t sprocket. :)

Originally Posted by meat popsicle
BTW, did you see the loctite thread in the index?
I found a few about loctite...but I'll go and check the index again.

Originally Posted by meat popsicle
You can still do the drivetrain work, just have the dealer order the parts for you. Speaking of which, you don't want to do the valve adjustment/oil change/general inspection? It is challenging, but not impossible for those with decent mechanical aptitude and wrench experience.
The biggest challenge for me is that I live in NYC. It's a bit hard to pull all that stuff apart in the basement of the garage I'm in. :(

Plus...doesn't KTM void your warranty if you do this stuff yourself during the warranty period? I thought I read something about that in my manual.

-- Jason
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