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Originally Posted by Fat Toney
I am all for more bikes, but I work in Social Services (which pays shit, yet fulfilling) I'm working on getting a second bike all the same...strange, I used to work in Software sales/marketing before I went back to school to 'save the world'...after a Master's and a few years of work experience I am still not making what I used to...but I wouldn't change it for the world...anyway back to you have any idea when you'll get the bike back?
good man you about a weestrom decked out with 10K miles..near here...for 4800$ here and ride it is a deal and I may just pick it up cuz I cannot resist a deal like that

ANYWAY...UPDATE!!!......well I picked up the vstrom last friday....they replaced the entire rear clyinder head, valves etc...all of it...but there was a coolant leak...they figured they got it by tightening a hose I shoved it in the trailer..I was running late...I get home and offload it....bullshit...not is spitting coolant out the left side...near the head...back it goes....yup...brand new head gasket was not seated they are at it again to replace the gasket...

not bad for a month hey? thing is...all covered under the extended warranty that transferred with the bike from previous owner....not a penny out of pocket yet...excpet for time and gas...

nice to see them stand behind this Suzuki...BTW a Suzuki rep visited their place the day I dropped it off and they were stunned that this has problems that they could not see...and were tearing it down based on my insistence something was wrong

the end story is the exhaust valve guide seemed to have been installed improperly at factory...a very very very rare strange event for this motor....

I am looking to buy another Weestrom to add to this one...I do love them so...

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