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Airhead "Tips and Tricks"

Here's my idea (if i find the thread on page 20 in a few days I'll know that others disagree with its simple pragmatic design )

This thread is for all those little tips and tricks we have for our beloved Airheads. If someone were to be new to the fold, he or she could read this one thread and get all kinds of valuable information. I think that anything from how to properly choke the bike, to best places for cheap parts, to what tires will fit a g/s--anything airhead related. An encyclopedia of tips and tricks in one thread.

Sometimes you don't know to ask the question until you've heard the answer...perhaps we can remedy that.

So I'll kick it off with a silly one, but one that has saved me nonetheless.
Take out your toolkit, and with a Sharpie marker, write the number of tools in each slot. Now everytime I'm done working on the bike, I dont have to search around to see if I'm forgetting a tool on the floor, underneath my kids bike, or placed in the fishing boat. If there are 5 tools in the 5 tool slot, I'm good to wrap it up and squish it under the seat.

All right... who's next? JT perhaps??
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