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where to start?

gosh, tips and tricks?
progressive springs up front
change out the brake fluid every year
spare bulbs in the tail piece (never needed them, but hey)
all tools on the bike
mag lite in the tool tray
old rags in the fairing pocket to clean the bike on the road
double reserve trick with the twin petcocks
65/100 watt bulb up front (cheap upgrade; high beam melts road signs)
used boat-cover-style snap studs to mount my front tank bag straps inside the fairing.
rear strap is bolted to the gas tank, underneath, easily hidden in the frame tube when not in use.
drain and clean tank every season
full-size Leatherman in the tool tray
quick-connect trailer-style lead on both sides of the bike for a floating charger and electric vest hookups
all torque specs for regular maintenance bolts jotted down in back of manual. easy to find, see, with simple diagrams
tire pressures for various bikes in magic marker on the pole by the air compressor. tire gauge always right there; one in bike jacket, too.
spare earplugs in tool tray (amazing how many people have borrowed them no, not the same pair!)
a "road bag" on the shoulder side of my saddlebags with rain gear, first aid kit, electric vest, tire pump, emergency space blanket, neck gaiter, long underwear, zip-neck polypro. Anytime, anywhere, good to go.
as of this weekend, spare spark plugs. buddy's harley plug went bad; major headache for such a small part.
S100 and a cut up sponge stored with wash gear (for the rims)
sealed battery from Westco (yes, others are cheaper. Guess what: Don't care. This one fits, works and lasts.)
all riding gear in one closet. No more hunting!
sears ratchet box-end combo wrench. That thing is awesome for turning out the bolts on the oil filter cover, which are hard to get to under the fairing lowers.
glove your hand and turn out those filter bolts while the engine is still nice and warm.
Luftmeister temp dipstick. I hear they aren't too accurate, but it gives me a real good read on how hard the bike is working, especially two up in July.
i'm sure I'll think of more
The boots stay on.
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