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OK - I finally figured out the multiple image thing - thanks GB.

So we leave the soft surfaces and prepare for what I remember as 30 miles of tortuous rocks and lava flow.

The route sometimes goes north in order to go east. Lots of zig-zagging through this area. It took me quite awhile to figure this out but it’s so worth it.

Totally obscure tracks through fairly remote desert here. The only time it rained us (except at night) was this area. It even hailed pretty hard later in the day but not enough to make a big difference.

There are these little mini-playas between the pure rocks sections. 950 making dust way back there, TE comin’ atcha.

The payoff for getting through all the stones is this bitchin’ sand road with beautiful corners. Almost like riding a street bike through here with all the nice mini-berms and perfect lanes through the sage.

Stihlrigg charging the 950 up on Wagontire Mt.. Rain and hail chasing us towards lunch.

The wind is howling and that squall is threatening to become a real storm. We’re close to lunch and our fuel stop now though and we’ll get there without a soaking because we can really fly on these sandy roads to Wagontire.

Stihlrigg has better photos of Wagontire but it’s a ‘motel’- cafe - gas - pump situation on hwy 395 about 35 miles south of hwy 20. They used to be open all the time and it was pretty nice but the guy shut’er down and split the county. The new guy, ‘Hoss’ is the real deal - old cowboy from Oregon who’s running the show now. He didn’t have gas in his pumps but drove up to Riley the day before and had 10 gallons for us. He also cooked us up a really great burger. During lunch, the weather blew over and it warmed up considerably. 2 years ago, we spent the night here and had planned on making a guest ranch in Nevada the next day. We got all juiced up 'cause it was raining pretty steady and the report was for nice, fall weather. We awoke to 5 inches of snow which changed everything and immediately doubled our hangovers.

What's next? More action!
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