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Gen light on halfway means the diode board is pooched. When you replace it, replace the mounts (which probably failed and caused the diode board to croak) with solid ones.

If you've got an airhead with the black coated cam chain cover, disconnect the batter, pull the front cover and scrape the black coating off that's under the diode board's grounding bolt. You might as well replace the diode board mounts while you're in there. The upper left one is a bitch. Don't drop the nut off the back into the cam chain!

Lube the final drive/rear wheel interface every time you change a tire. Do the shaft/final drive one every year. Clean all the old spooge off and use Honda Moly 60.

Be sure to check the little rubber nipple where the speedo cable comes out of the trans. If that gets cracked, it'll let water into your transmission.

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