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Originally Posted by christian
seems like the US specs SXC in 04 don't have the extra oil. They came here only in 2003 and 2004 that's all. I know about the FCR, but my concern is oil.

That extra oil capacity is one of the main reasons I went with the LC4E and ADV bikes instead of the SXC (that and cost of cush hub and extra fuel capacity). The expense of adding a cush hub seems to make it easier to get the LC4 and change the carb instead of trying to add oil capacity and cush hub to the SXC (and tank and matching seat if you want more range).
Keep in mind that the Adventure tank gets close to what a typical car gets per tank 200-300 Miles depending on carb set up and rider (mine is around 200 with FCR). I think I got circa 150 miles on my 18 liter (stock BST carb). The smaller tanks tend to turn into a pain in the ass if you plan on lots of road miles but, of course they are better for serious off roading. I used to ride a LC4E with the 12 liter and I traded to the 28 liter tank because the gas station interval was to tight. Then I had another LC4E with the 18 liter and now I have the Adventure with the 28 Liter. I'd say anything less than the 18 Liter is no good unless you are riding mostly off road near home (or trailering). Big road miles requires the 28 liter tank (sometimes called 25 liter) especially with the thirstier FCR carb I have now that relegates that big tank to circa 200 mile range.
It all comes down to how you intend to use the bike. If you are gonna be commuting to work and such, I would get the Adventure or LC4E 18 liter with longer service intervals (and switch the carb when you can afford to) but, if you only intend to use the tarmac to connect trails and don't mind a little tighter oil change interval then get the smaller capacity SXC (LC4E with 18 liter makes a nice middle compromise).
I don't really have a garage or work space and I ride 1,100+ miles to work every month so the Adventure is the way to go for me to keep the service intervals at a tollerable level however, your situation may vary. I will say the Adventure is a bit more versitile with its power receptical and range.
The digital speedo/odometer comes in very handy for letting you know your fuel situation and speed easier than the analog set ups on the smaller bikes do (has reserve warning light too) The only thing I don't like better about the Adventure is its a bit more involved (4 screws more) to get the tank off and it doen't come stock with the FCR. You just gotta ride with a half empty tank off road so its handles like the smaller bikes.
So in summation I'd say anything less than the 18 liter turns into a trailer bike unless you live near the trails and any thoughts of big road miles or touring will have to be at least 18 liters but, preferably the Big adventure.
The consensus is that its easier and cheaper to turn an adventure into an
LC4E than the other way around if you are thinking of that option. This gives you the versatility of all three bikes. I had thought of this option but, in time, I just adjusted to the slightly piggier bike and didn't worry about it
because its not worth all the extra gas stops in my current riding scenario.
For myself, the smaller oil capacity and lack of cush hub are deal breakers on the SXC (and you gotta do the dual sport lights your self).

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