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Originally Posted by STUFF2C
Just bought a NEW lawn and tractor battery from autozone for $22. takes a little work to get the first one in. I had to take the 4 bolts out of the rear fender to get it in. (and yes you put them back)

My last one lasted 5+ years.
I did the same thing on my 90S, but I had to weld up a new battery box. No way was it going to fit in the stock one. I checked the battery catalogs and there wasn't anything that would fit. Are you Superman and had the superhuman strength to just push it in? A mere mortal would like to know.

The other thing to change is pull the negative battery cable out from the hollow vent bolt on the tranny and move it to the coil mount bolt. That is one weak sister of a bolt. Have that puppy break with the engine running and the alternator will go nuts and start frying things. That's why you see warnings about disconnecting the battery cables with the engine running.

I used to work for AAA, road service went out to jump start a Peugeot, driver saw the cable eye had snapped off from the RV style wingnut terminal on the battery. He shoved the remains of the eye under the wingnut and got it started. The owner got in the car and started driving down to the garage to get it fixed. Halfway there she noticed the dash lights were getting really bright. The cable had slipped off again. I think it was $2300 to fix everything.

And spare me the French car insults, anything with an alternator can do this. Besides, I like my Citroen.
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