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Aaarrrrgggg!!! damn base gaskets....

well, i've been kinda dragging my feet the last 2 days with replacing my base gasket due to me freaking about other issues (should i replace the rings? what about the cam bearing? ......) but decided to take a look at it again this afternoon to decide which one of the 3 base gaskets i'm going to use.

well, you would think it would be easy but, each one has some issues that make me want to rip my hair out!!!!

lets start with the Cometic gaskets.

the Cometic gasket, although made of very nice material, doesn't fit for SH--!!! there are gaps the entire way around the cylinder and especially around the timing chain slot. to say the least i'm a little upset about the "high" quality of this gasket. you'd think they would at least make it fit right....

this one show the area around the cylinder and timing chain.

and here is a closer one of the timing chain area.

now for the OEM gaskets from KTM.

lets start with the metal one, part number 58630035200.

this one must be for the 625 or newer LC4's, because it doesn't fit either. well, let me clarify that, the gasket fits well, but doesn't have the proper holes for the metal dowels that hold the cylinder into the cases.

this is the one that i had planned on using but now obviously i cant unless i modify it myself. has anyone ever had luck with doing something like this? can i just take a drill bit that is the right size and punch out those holes to match? or am i just inviting more doom and gloom?

now for the paper OEM, part number 58030030100.

actually, the only bad thing i have to say about this one is the fact that it is paper!!! it has the best fit of all of them and looks to be of MUCH better quality than the OEM green gasket that i had put in last time. remember this one is listed at 0.7mm, which is just a little thicker than the green which is 0.5mm

so, what do i do here guys? what would you do?

i cant believe that i have 3 different gaskets and not a one of them is what i need and want!!! typical KTM for ya.....

i'm going to drink a beer and think about my options, maybe ill just set it on fire and push it into my landlords house and claim it was an accident. he's on my SH-- list anyways and it would at least make me smile....



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