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The paper is the easiest and the reduction in compression will be negligible. However, if your confident of your ability to modify, I'd use the metal KTM gasket and carefully drill out and then trim with a rat tail file the locater holes. Be sure to put a wood block behind the gasket, and I'd put a wood block with a pilot hole of the proper size on top and clamp the blocks together with the gasket in between. The gasket may have a tendency to grab the flutes on the bit and ride up the bit while your drilling thereby effectively bending and ruining the gasket (wanna know how I know this?). Clamping the wood blocks stabilizes the metal gasket. The Cometic gasket is probably the best quality - they do make good stuff - but you're asking for a leak with the mismatched surfaces. Maybe not, but you won't know 'till you try, and it leaks. While the Hondabond or Yamabond or high temp silicone sealers work well (I use 'em in lieu of gaskets), they are not intended to fill the large gaps created by the Cometic mismatch. And by the time you goop that much on, you're asking for a lot to ooze into the cam chain tunnel and ultimately find its way into your oiling system thereby probably plugging something (wanna know how I know that as well?). Smart thing taking a break to contemplate over a beer. Good luck.
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