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Ok - so let's get this tale under way...

The first thing you need to know is that I swore I'd never take this GS off-road. In fact, until recently, it only barely saw gravel.

You see, past GS's have been just a little too willing to be partners in stupidly and I'd gotten myself into some pretty ugly spots. After the last time, when I left virtually everything I was packing at the bottom of the Seven Devils so I could climb out of Hell's Canyon in freezing dusk, I swore the next GS would never go offroad. There's probably jeans from that trip either still in the canyon, or stuck in some turbine in a dam somewhere down the Columbia.

I swore off 'big dirt' because I wanted to live to see 40. Not for any particularly good reason other than to surprise the people who were pretty sure I'd never make it.

And I did pretty good, livin' the asphalt life. Treating the GS like a K bike. Until someone woke the monkey...

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