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Unfortunately, the problem is that I'm over 40 now. 42 to be precise, and there's really no good reason to continue living, so, why NOT take the GS offroad? Why NOT try to breathe some life into those old desert skills and see what you can do?

S'alright - so there's some stuff to be considered...
Stuff like steering stop protection, some crash bars, some head guards, stiffer shocks, the final drive gearing, the tires, life insurance, some ride-specific tack and some new togs...

Putting the armor on the bike caused some distress on my part, mostly because I was afraid of losing roadability. If I can't keep up with JohnJen and his GPS, I'll gonna get so bad lost it won't be funny.

But on the armor had to go. The Touratech Hard Part had no appreciable affect, and the Stanton head guards actually look good on the machine. So far, it's all good.

The Touratech Crash Bars are another story, though. They touch down under aggressive cornering. That's unpleasant. They're gonna slow me down if they're on there all the time. Are there bars that won't touch down before the pegs?

Shocks were an issue because I didn't get mine through Stig - I got mine through the dealership. So I got run o' the mill Ohlins, on a machine that carries my 280lb carcass over some 'thrilling' surfaces. Turns out I'm gonna have to have Stig change the spring as soon as I garner the cash... I got wee springs - 14's when I should be running 17's or 18's.

I wasn't sure how much of a problem the gearing would be. I'm already running the 33:11 final drive, and I thought the clutch might be stout enough for the type of riding I'd attempt. I shoulda guessed that Washington enduros were gonna be a little bit different than those old BLM land dashes. [A little foreshadowing there for the attentive]

The tires, though - man, what a road joke! These TKC-80s are nasty on pavement. You can ride them pretty hard. In fact, you can grind out the Touratech crash bars if you really push, but it's an unpleasant feeling that far out onto the tiny knobs. Trace the chicken strip across big and little knobs. See how far out of alignment it moves? I don't know how you Adventure owners can stand to have these things on all the time...

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