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Just picked my up a week ago

Great site and information, I just picked up my Black 950 Adv. a week ago. I hope I can put half the miles on you have. Only have 200 miles, on her so far; but way better ride than 06 640 adv.(sold). I am a short guy and will be looking for the low gel seat. The 950 height isn't bad after riding the 640 for 6 months.

Things to note:
1) bike stalls when I come to a stop, I can't seem to set the idle(too low or too high)
2)Showed I was low on fuel, but right takn was over half full. (leveled out when opened the fill caps)
3) bike runs hot (fan running alot)

I have a few things to play with but too much fun to ride to worry about it. Just gather information from these sites and

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