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Originally Posted by trg2006
Great site and information, I just picked up my Black 950 Adv. a week ago. I hope I can put half the miles on you have. Only have 200 miles, on her so far; but way better ride than 06 640 adv.(sold). I am a short guy and will be looking for the low gel seat. The 950 height isn't bad after riding the 640 for 6 months.

Things to note:
1) bike stalls when I come to a stop, I can't seem to set the idle(too low or too high)
2)Showed I was low on fuel, but right takn was over half full. (leveled out when opened the fill caps)
3) bike runs hot (fan running alot)

I have a few things to play with but too much fun to ride to worry about it. Just gather information from these sites and

Look for the cannisterectomy thread at the top of the page under hall of widsom threads. You want to get rid of the smog gear as it will cause stalling, esp if you tip it over on the trail. Most of us here have removed it. You can buy blanking plates from a couple sites to block off the ports. Highly recommended.

I am assuming you know how to set the idle with the small thumbwheel on the left side of the bike? My bike occasionally will stall for no reason, but not very often. I've since jetted the bike and adjusted the Idle Air mixture screws which helped out in a major way, along with a carb sync. Mine idles at 1400.

Tanks,. make sure your vent lines are routed properly and not kinked also check to make sure the fuel taps are open on both tanks so they cross level. Pretty sure its your vents.

Bike running hot is probably due to the coolant sytem not being bled properly. You need to get the front wheel 24" off the ground, run the bike with rad cap off, until it starts to get hot. Should get the air out.

And welcome
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