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Originally Posted by trg2006
Great site and information, I just picked up my Black 950 Adv. a week ago. I hope I can put half the miles on you have. Only have 200 miles, on her so far; but way better ride than 06 640 adv.(sold). I am a short guy and will be looking for the low gel seat. The 950 height isn't bad after riding the 640 for 6 months.

Things to note:
1) bike stalls when I come to a stop, I can't seem to set the idle(too low or too high)
2)Showed I was low on fuel, but right takn was over half full. (leveled out when opened the fill caps)
3) bike runs hot (fan running alot)

I have a few things to play with but too much fun to ride to worry about it. Just gather information from these sites and

Welcome Tim,

Congrats on the the bike purchase. This is a great place to find info on just about anything that may give you grief.

I had mine stall once, when I first got it. Never did it again so far.

I had the same fuel level problem once also. I removed one of the small side panels, below the head light, and when I put it back on a pinched fuel vent line. I fixed that and all was good.

I still have all the cannister crap on. It has never given me any problems. I do check the drain plug once and a while though. I don't know if your bike is brand new or not, but check that out. It's behind the header pipe on the right side. Little fancy alum. plug Make sure the bike is COLD, so you don't burn yourself.

When/if this bike ever gets a rest I plan to remove all the cannister stuff. and make some blanking plates. For now I'm trying to ride it as much as I can before the blizzards come.

As for running hot, If you are riding slow the fan will run alot, but what do you consider hot? Mine took about a .7 Ltrs of coolant in the first 1,200 mile or so. Now it hasn't used any. Maybe they didn't blead it properly at the factory, What ever the case, it's been no problem. Just keep an eye on your overflow tank level.
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