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Good idea. I have a lot of tools that are specifically for motos in general, but not so many for specific motos (except some large sockets). Some home-made. I think another thing would be for those with well-equipped shops (mine's coming along! I just need a decent pneumatic lift and a balancer/truing stand!) might be able to arrange to help one or two in their area that don't.

I like helping people, but I generally have two concerns. I kinda don't want a stranded moto at my house. I have a tight schedule these days and so time on my premises would need to be scheduled and close ended (a no-later-than departure time). I have helped people and once or twice run into these issues. I have ended up with a non-operational moto in my yard and I find that often, moto maintenance is *verrrrry* difficult for some folks to do on a schedule and if there are more than a couple of people, there often tends to be a lot more jibber-jabber than wrenching - which is great if you don't have some place to be...

Once I find that lift (I am in AZ and I'm looking for a pneumatic lift at reasonable co$t, hint, hint!) and the balancing/truing stand, I will be fairly well equipped and happy to help others out. I have pretty much everything to do anything to a KLR and if I don't have something for my R11GS, then it's prolly time to get it! I also have carb tools, a digital RPM gauge, and a manual tire machine. I am by no means a moto wrenching expert, but I have been wrenching my motos for decades.

As far as the pool, if I wrangle up some moto specialty tools that are for motos I no longer own, I will be happy to contribute them (although I may have already contributed them to other owners!)...
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