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Just thinking out loud as it were but ...

Seems there have been several issues with base gaskets lately. I was trying to figure out any possible causes because I don't think there should be enough pressure in the cylinder base (crankcase) to blow gaskets. Is there a restriction in the vent? Hose kinked? Is the filter in the vent line partially plugged?

I am sure you have checked all that, but it still seems that there might be some reason that the crankcase pressure is building up. Let me know if you find something would you please?

Another way to cut holes in a gasket (will work on metal too, just a little harder) is to put the gasket in place and tap around the edge of the hole with the peen end of a ball-peen hammer. You wouldn't want to do this on your cylinder, but could use any piece of metal with the proper sized (sharp edged) hole. (drill a hole in a piece of scrap?)

Good luck on the next gasket!

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