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Originally Posted by Ron_NC
I live in Lumberton, NC (about 30 min south of fayettenam). I have a klr
I bought in feb and it has 11k on it now. There are a few places to
ride around here, but nothing beats the NC mountains IMHO. We went
on a ride here this past weekend. There are a few miles (about 22) of
ATV trails here that are pretty easy. After riding some of them we went
to some forest service roads near Southport. Lots of water and mud.
We then made our way to the ferry and caught the next one over to
Fort Fisher. You can get on the beach there but due the time we didn't.
Made our way up the coast to Wilmington for some food and coffee.
Went home from there. We are looking to get together again the first or
second weekend in November. Any takers?

I have been looking at the atlas and gazetteer for the Southport area and would be interested in what you found. We should get together this fall. I have a couple supermotos but with the right tires I'm sure they would be fine for FS roads.
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