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Originally Posted by elmoreman
Cool...Ive checked out your site before. Your frame reinforcements look minimal. Have you noticed any difference?

Also, have you ever really needed that much gas??

Glad to hear your trip is going well...would you do it again on the same bike?
Yes, I needed 800 kilometers of gas to get through the Baluchistan desert, from Iran (Taftan) to Quetta (Pakistan). As it turned out, there was gas (by the side of the road, in bottles, smuggled from Iran) available. So strictly I didn't need it, but still. And when you get stuck, at least you have gas to cook on (I have an MSR Whisperlite stove). It's not that you NEED it, but it's nice to stop for the night, carry on the next day and then find gas when it's convenient.

I would certainly do it again on this bike. Nothing I can think of in terms of changes. I'm very happy with the mods. However, I am getting new bags made when I get home. The Touratech ones are junk. Also, Fiamm horn mounting tabs seem to not survive the off-road beating. I've had two breaks there. The gaiters, which I didn't change before departure, could not stand the abuse and both are split. I would get rubber gaiters next time. I've ordered a set from the UK. Above 12,000 feet, the battery, Odyssey, charged less quickly then at lower altitude. I'm running an Enduralast system from Euromoto Electrics, which is great. I won't take a spare tire across the Middle East next time. The Metzler Enduro 2 on the rear is holding up fine and I could have changed it in Delhi and in some places in Pakistan even. The front, Michelin Sirac, will probably make it another 7,000 miles. I put it on in Turkey. The rear shock is getting used and I am very happy I spent the cash on new rims at Woody's. The wheels have gotten an incredible beating. I'm currently planning a 40 day hike and frankly have zero desire to ride a single mile more after roughly 25,000 kilometers.... I might do Thailand and Cambodia and then come home. There's only so much riding you can do before you lose your sanity. :-)
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