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Gotta protect the ol' "Command & Control" unit there, bud.

I ever tell you guys about the time I rode through a shower of glass ?

A car ahead of me kicked up a rock (I guess) and took out a big side window on the mini-van in front of me. I got the debris field - a couple hundred quarter-inch blocks of glass, at 70 mph. You think about how rain stings after about 40 or so and wonder if I don't thank my Aerostich, Arai & gauntlet gloves for that day. Nope, no crash, even helped the confused dad and wailing kid clean up the mess.

Last week a cute young waitress told me she though my helmet paint-job was cool and she wanted to ride and "wear cool stuff like that" (pointing to my gray Vanson perf jacket) - Gear is good - and cool gear is better.

ride well
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