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Originally Posted by cmwoodys
Motorcycles arn't allowed on Portsmouth...nor do you want to be on the island on the private ferry is VERY unreliable and kinda pricy too. Great place to surf fish and get away from it all...electricity, toilets, telephones, etc... but not so good a place to plan a ride.

Looks like a minimum 2 day ride there btw...maybe 3

No bikes allowed? We've taken 4 wheelers over no problem. It'd be a blast on LOW tide! The hard pack below the tideline makes for easy riding.

Striper fishing season approaches. I want to squeeze in some surf fishing and maybe even some boat fishing on the trip. One of the reasons for the chase truck/s. Fishing gear!

And yeah, the private ferry is a little pricey. Seems like it was like $120 per truck, each way, last time I went.
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