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Ft. Fisher is different

You are right about Ft. Fisher being different. As soon as the area became state property, instead of federal property; restrictions came one right after another.

Now there is an "advisory board" that is hostile to all things motorized. Except of course THEIR VEHICLES, which are used for the "turtle project". Now mind you I have lived on the island since 1949 and the turtle population and the bird population have flourished all that time; eventhough in the past I have ridden my horses banned. Drove my dune banned. Hunted for banned. Deer banned.
What is really interesting is that they do not want "tracks" to disrupt wildlife; but their "tracks" include permanent structures. An aquarium, administrative offices, bath house, gazebos, etc.. My "tracks" disappear with the rain and the wind; when will the wildlife be able to reclaim the habitat lost to these permanent structures?

These control freaks have even been able to get the fishermen banned from the park at night during the "season". We pretty much have it to ourselves during the winter.

Barb and I were out there 2 winters ago with our dogs and though we were the ONLY people who were braving the 30 degree weather and the 25mph wind, we were threatened with a $300 fine for not having our dogs on a leash. Don't you just love control freaks with guns and badges?
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