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I had a 1991 DR350S that I loved. I went crazy with mods though, trying to make it as good as my freinds street plated XR600R at the time and after about 3 grand in mods Ill list, It was about as good speed wise as a well prepped XR250R, but didn't handle as well off road....any where near as well. It was fast as youll see in the mods list it was very triicked out.

Acerbis 4.5 gal plastic tank rating 10
Acerbis desert plastic fenders 10
Neet seat cover 10
Cycle gear magic airbox 10
Poweroll 420cc kit, 11.5:1 compression 10+
Mikuni flatslide carb, 38mm 10
porting 10
Cobra exhaust 10
front and rear suspension revalved and springed for my weight and riding style by Racetech, great improvement, but not as good as I expected rating, 8
Perelli MT21 tyres 12+ GREAT FOR THIS BIKE.
Baja dual headlights and re-wound stator to 210 watts, 20+ awesome to have 150 watts of light off road
Excell blue anodized rims, stainless spokes, anodized the stock hubs black, again awesome, but bling and streinght only...still worht every penny.

I must say where Im going with this, Still after doing all this to my DR when Id trade bikes with my freind who had the XR600R with only a pipe and jetting I could run away form him when he was riding my DR n the dirt, and he would run away from me when I was on my own bike.

As a pure dual sport though it was great and I truely wish I still had it. It was a bitch to start though, more so even than an XR600R!
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