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neutral switch

Some of you might have seen my photos in the last Airmail of a trip to Maine. In one of the photos I'm checking the integrity of my neutral indicator switch replacement. A few tips:
  • you do NOT need to remove the transmission
  • remove the thru bolt holding the spacer in place. This spacer prevents you from getting to the neutral indicator switch easily.
  • knock out the spacer with a drift, being sure to pad any areas that might get digned in the process.
  • file off leading edge of spacer so that it will return to its place more easily, then put it in the freezer for a while so that it might shrink a bit
  • Disconnect leads
  • replace the switch and washer (of course, be sure to drain the tranny oil first)
  • clean and then connect leads
  • gingerly knock the spacer back into place
  • clean thrubolt and add a light layer of grease
  • put it back in
  • ride off happy!
Snowbum covers this more extensively, but this could get you started. I waited a while to do it because not much fluid was leaking and I was a bit scared by the process. Turned out to be pretty simple, actually-just a lot of patience getting the spacer back properly.
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