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Originally Posted by BikePilot
Thanks, I'm a member at max-zuke and have drooled all over the kientech site

One thing I've been curious about, with the big bore kits are the larger pistons somehow the same weight as the stocker? The thing I probably like most about the little DR is its super low vibration levels. Anyway, its just a curiosity, I don't plan to go as far as a big bore any time soon.
The piston I got with the big bore kit was probably within a few grams of the stocker. I remember asking about ballance, vibration and what not before buying the piston kit. They told me it didn't matter anyway as the DRs have crancshaft counterbalancers that would take care of the difference in a few ounces not just mere grams. Oh and on my list of trick parts I did cams too. That thing was fast. OH, and mine seemed smoother with the big bore kit in it. I guess because it had so much more power.
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