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Originally Posted by Poolside
No that 's cool. You can run without a return. I'm just asking mang.

Does the cable drum on the throttle (heated) grip have two grooves in it? One for open and one for close? I understand there might be other hardware parts needed, but a new heated grip too?

What brand of cruise are you using? I'd like to download a manual and diagram before I get into this.

Hall Effect, Variable Reluctance (what I think the rear sensor is on your 1200), Coil Drive, Injector Drive, all can be used as a signal source for anything you might want, without harm to the bike. There might need to be some signal conditioning, depends on the sensor and the input circuit on the CC.

Where can I get a manual and diagram?

- Jim
not sure about user guides - you might try these for some generic ones though.

i'm using a korean lite-on unit (AP-150)

No idea about number of grooves on the throttle tube, but by XX has a single cable that loops around the throttle tube and terminates in two lines at the throttle body. You may be able to retrofit an independent return line at the throttle tube if you wish. It is only a quarter turn, so coming in at top and bottom will not result in tangling as both lines will never overlap.

I've heard that some VSS signals on CANBUS cars are not clean enough (not sufficiently square edged) for the cheaper cruise units to utilise. I'm wondering if this is the case on a 12GS, and if it is, can i get the same info from the ABS sensor directly.

The only previous units i've used have been "mount a magnet on the wheel" affairs, and I can't find a place to do this on the GS. Have you any further info on filtering such signals? Are there circuit diagrams or premade boards out there for this?
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