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Originally Posted by bonox
No idea about number of grooves on the throttle tube, but by XX has a single cable that loops around the throttle tube and terminates in two lines at the throttle body. You may be able to retrofit an independent return line at the throttle tube if you wish. It is only a quarter turn, so coming in at top and bottom will not result in tangling as both lines will never overlap.
Opps, yea that's what I meant, that the cable groove is cut in the throttle tube in both directions from the ferrule hole. That’s how the 1150 throttle is. And the thing is, the hardware is in place for a return cable, but there is no return cable used.

Anyway, back to the electricity . . .

You are using a korean lite-on unit (AP-150)

The website had some useful information.

So, do you have an Oscilloscope or a VOM? I mean, before we get into this from our distant locations.

You can prolly get away with a low- to mid-grade digital meter. They will all have AC volts. And most of them have a 'frequency' setting.

The cheapest of the cheap digital may not be able to display the frequency of a multi-megahertz signal, but you don't need that kind of speed. If a meter has frequency capability, usually it will measure at least a 100kHz signal. That is 10x faster than you'll need.

Also, if you get or have a high-line meter, be sure that you understand the difference between high time, low time, cycle time, and frequency. At least, know which setting the meter is on. I can help out with the rest.

And, which 'PPM SET-UP setting' do you plan on using. The TACH, or the SPEED? It seems from what I've read on the site that it is possible to use just one if you wanted.

- Jim


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