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No stoppies on an Airhead
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Find out about the wealth of online resources for airhead information. Definitely not a complete list, just the ones I frequent the most. YMMV.

Snowbum's website
- put your HTML glasses on and deal with the non-existant navigation - it's worth it. Snowbum’s definitely a “take it apart and see how it works” type of mechanic.

Duane Ausherman's website
- the website is a little easier on the eyes, has some great tips and info. A former BMW dealer owner, and I would say a “if it ain't broken, don’t fix it” type of guy.

Of course, the Airheads website ($20/yr dues) and the Airheads List has the highest concentration of experienced Airheads, IMO. For the life of me I can't follow all of the listproc email threads, so I just search the archives on Micapeak (registration required) instead.

Boxerworks Forum. Not a super active forum, but exclusively for airhead owners. For me this forum seems like it’s a conversation between 10 guys that talk mostly amongst themselves, but are very willing to help out a n00b when they straggle in.

Let me know if there are some others that I am missing!
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