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Originally Posted by bonox
Thanks for the comments - no scope but I could find a frequency DMM without much difficulty.

I'd like to use a VSS (something independent of gearing) which means the VSS or merely the rear ABS signal would be useful. If I can't use that without significant filtering, a signal from the spark plugs would be used instead. Is there likely to be a problem for the ecu/abs if I tap this signal though?

The other thing is that I don't know anything about it, but research on data sheets from other sensors seems to indicate the amplifiers on many of them peak at about half the input voltage - and many use maximum of 6V input (meaning a 3V peak output). Is this enough? Should I isolate it from the cruise unit somehow?
You bet. And good. And if we are lucky, we won't even need it.

Ok, if wheel speed is preferable, then wheel speed via Variable Reluctance sensor it is. I know it's been called a Hall Effect sensor, but I am more sure that it’s a VR sensor.

- In the meantime, do you have a basic digital meter that measures ACV? I mean, a $5 special will work as long as it's digital.

- And, is the ABS sensor is a 2-wire device?

- Can you get to the rear sensor connector?

- This is for a R12GS yes?

If yes, yes, yes, yes . . . want to try something? I affirm it cannot damage anything. I've done it 100s of times.

- Jim


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