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The illustration shows the connector for the rear sensor right under the seat. Ziptied to one of the subframe cross members. Easy as pie.

Unplug the sensor connector.

Connect the meter leads to the sensor side. Polarity is unimportant.

Be sure the leads are plugged into the correct jacks on the meter for an ACV reading.

- What ACV ranges does the meter have?

Figure the signal will start at zero and prolly get no higher than 15VAC. If the signal goes off scale high, just click the voltage range up a notch. It won't hurt anything if that happens. Try not to use auto-ranging for this measurement.

Spin the wheel by hand in either direction.

Let me know what the meter reads. Play around with different speeds.

And oh yes, do not turn on the ignition key while the sensor is unplugged. It will generate a 'sensor fault'. If the key is off, it will be fine.

Disconnecting the wheel sensor may concern you, so if you really really want to be certain, disconnect the battery before disconnecting the sensor. I suppose there is an outside chance that the ABS controller is active even when the ignition key is off.

- Jim


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