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Originally Posted by Poolside
Does the meter work on AC?
It is switched to AC?
Or, are the leads plugged into the jacks for ACV?
Meters are configured in many different ways.

Plug it into a wall outlet for 117 or 234. Does AU use 234VAC? (i.e. 220, 230, 240)
Can you post a pic of the meter in use?
One that shows the legend for the lead jacks?

- Jim
Jim - i'm familiar with a meter - wall reads 225VAC (on 700V range). My meter has only two ranges for AC: 700 and 200V. Was using it on 200VAC for the ABS sensor where it produces a reading of xxx.x. No reading at all from a spinup by hand (and leads in the correct housing in the meter). Everything has the same range except for HV DC.

It was difficult to get a pair of clip leads into the deep housing of the socket, but i'm fairly sure they were ok as they recorded non zero (shorted meter leads) resistance of about 50 ohms from memory)

I'll try again later with help from the missus.

Reports from the F650 suggest a 0.3VAC output at 30rpm, which is a fair bit slower than I was spinning it.
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