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Too lazy to remove cowl to take pics, but:

1. The system operates by a valve that is controlled by engine vacum. It is designed feed O2 into the exhaust to keep the cat converter happy and to make sure all the tree hugging wankers smile those naive left wing grins of idealism when staring at their emissions testing gear.

The system CAUSES backfires and decel pops (that you hear with a thinner walled more straight thur aftermarket slipon vs the hunks of baffled sewer pipe most bikes come with for exhuast systems these days) thru injecting a sudden volume of air into a hot manifold 'full' of unburned dead dinos.

When open the valve allows fresh air to be sucked in thru a filtered air inlet thru the valve into the exhaust manifold (plural on the 950?). You could use the SAS/SLS system diagram in the repair manual to find the air inlet, but if it's anything like the 640A the air inlet is a rubber hose that terminates thru a large rubber grommet in the downtube on the rhs of the bike frame. Simply yank the hose/grommet out. On the end you should find a small black plastic cylinder with a metal screened inlet. That is the air inlet for the entire system.

I simply took a penny, lathered it with 5 min epoxy and secured it over the inlet port. the next day, reinserted the hose/inlet into the downtube, pushed in the grommet and end of story. KTM-Sommer sells a virtually free plastic or alu plug you can use to snap in place of the inlet filter, but the shipping cost to NA would cost far more than the unit is worth.

With this plugged and an aftermarket slipon, you will notice an improvement in idle smoothness and no more backfiring and popping on decel. You can now tweak your jetting without cursing the sillyservants at the EPA and EU. To test the improvement you see, tweak the throttle of a running bike with the air inlet as is and then with your thumb over it. It does no harm to the system, no vacum leaks to worry about, etc, etc. It is also easy to switch back when the testers come calling or upon resale to the enviromentally conscious.

KTM Sommer has a 'Tip" in their catalog that shows the plugging process. It may differ somewhat for a 950, but the basic operation should be the same.
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