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Originally Posted by Crilly
I just picked the tack wire on the audiovox instead of the speed wire because I knew it would work. So with the positive negitive positive sensor it holds the same speed no matter what gear.
Hey there Crilly. Yes the other 'square edged' signals are available. And maybe the Audiovox cruise cannot accept a VR sensor signal directly.

I understand the reasons you wired your control the way you did. I also am not concerned about not being able to turn off the cruise, change gears, and resume speed. Maybe I'd change my mind if I tried it.

Plus, with the model bonox is using, an engine speed input saves the need for wiring into the clutch lever switch. At least that's how I read the instructions. The cruise senses the slight but instantaneous rpm increase the moment the clutch is disengaged any amount.

Hey bonox, you are going to use the clutch lever switch yes? So you will have inputs from VR for road speed, and inputs from clutch and brake lever switches to trigger the 'interrupt' function say. Is that right?

- Jim


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