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Originally Posted by Crilly
- I use the Audiovox CCS-100 cruise control. I use a PNP sensor hooked up to the tack wire. I get them from WW grainger. On my K1200R I get 6 pulses from the brake rotor per rev. Any more pulses and it would work only at speeds of less than 80 MPH. The ABS ring has hundreds of spaces. There for there would be way to many pulses per rev. When I say rev, I mean rev of the wheel.

- I just picked the tack wire on the audiovox instead of the speed wire because I knew it would work. So with the positive negitive positive sensor it holds the same speed no matter what gear.
Ok Crilly, I see I missed something. Your initial comment of "I use a PNP sensor hooked up to the tack wire." led me to believe that everything else you were saying was related to engine speed. The subsequent comments about wheel speed led me to think that it wasn't being explained clearly.

Now I think I get it. The "tack wire" you were talking about is the cruise control tach input, not the engine tach output.

What is this item you get from Grainger's? A divide-by-some-number IO device? What's the brand and part number on the case? It seems like it would be a handy item to have around. Like a church key

- Jim

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