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Hi Guys

Couldn't get a signal again with help this evening. At 10mV Jim, as you say I wouldn't see it with my equipment. It would be fair to say though that the sensor is more or less the same as the 1150.

Crilly - I was planning to use the tach wire as a clutch switch alternative, however the cheaper units available for sale in my part of the world will not take an ignition/alternator etc input (according to the manufacturer). They do come with a VR sensor and a couple of magnets, but I can't get one of them to work because I can't find anywhere to mount the magnets.

The next model up will accept ignition and VSS signals, however I have trouble getting a good enough signal from the VSS to make this unit work. I don't know if the speedometer computer plays with the signal at all, which is why I am investigating the use of the signal directly from the ABS sensor.

What would be nice is to reduce the number of pulses from the abs sensor to make a cheap unit work (only has options for 2000 or 5000ppm, which is far too low for the abs ring). Alternatively, I need a useful signal from the ABS sensor to get the more expensive unit to work using its VSS INPUT (which will accept up to 192,000ppm).

Jim is trying to help me work out if there is a usable signal from the ABS to do this.

What is this PNP thing you talk about? And how are you getting 6 pulses/rev from the brake rotor? Are you using a VR sensor and the sweeping of part of the rotor passed the sensor? What am I missing.
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