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Originally Posted by Crilly
Wired to the aux circuit - direct to the input tack wire on the CCS 100. Two wires to the tail light from the curise control. And the rest to the aux circuit. On my GS I get 5 pulses per rev of the wheel. 60 MPH = 1 mile a min. Wheel Diameter 25". 25" times 3.1416= 78.54" divided by 12 = 6.55 Feet. 5280' divided by 6.55 = 806 RPM times 5 = 4000 pulses per min.
cool, but how and where did you mount that pnp sensor? And what triggers it? The metal webs on the brake rotor carrier? The bolts that hold the rotor?, magnets fixed to the rotor somehow?
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