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Originally Posted by rdcyclist
As I recall, the groove only wraps around the front of the twist grip tube. I suppose if you could make a housing cover with a return cable provision and the tube was groovy enough then a push-pull throttle system could be retrofitted.

This issue irritated me to no end since the Bowden cable box was set up for the return cable but the throttle assembly didn't have any way to make it work. Seems stupid to me...
What about the possibility of just eliminating the BMW throttle grip assembly and buy something designed for a "pure" dirt bike and butting it up against the switchgear on the right grip? I've seen some pretty compact ones but never looked really closely. Definitely though they were double cable.

As a side note there are some cables made for push/pull work but they're heavy thick and expensive. Doubt they'd make for a good solution. I've never had a return ability in my cars and trucks so I wouldn't worry too much about that part.
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