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ok guys, ive been bad about not keeping up on this post. so here it goes....

i finally got sick of waiting and messing with cometic and decided to use the OEM paper gasket with some "high tack" gasket sealant. i reassembled the engine and stuck it in the bike.

as soon as i started the bike i knew thing werent right. the new gasket was leaking worse than the old one that was blown out. to say the least i was a little pissed off!!!

from the looks of it, it was like the gasket had sucked inside the engine and was leaking all around the right side of the jug. i wasnt sure if the gasket or the sealant was to blame? i had used this sealant on many automotive applications and had never had any issues. so i wasnt sure what to think.

well, after taking the engine back apart again today i have the answer.

it wasnt the gasket sealant. in fact i had one hell of a time just getting the jug back off. the sealant was definitely working. in fact i had to rig a board to help me knock it loose.

once i finally got it off, this is what i found....

you can see where it completely missed seating on the cases and under the jug. i have no idea how this happened but thats definitely going to leak. it just seems kinda strange to me that the sealant held so solid in all but that one spot. why would it just fall in like that?

anyways, this isnt going to happen again. this time im using the "original" metal cometic gasket that i got in the first gasket set i ordered. the one that i thought didnt have enough coverage. i tried to modify the other one but was afraid that id never get it perfect and would be right back at first base again real quick. if that were to happen, i think id just loose it and drive the bike head on into traffic!!!!

so cross your fingers for me and wish me luck. i know this bike wants to run, it just needs a little encouragement.

ill keep ya posted,



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