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So I will start by mentioning that my verticaly challenged girlfriend just recently purchased a 05 XT only partialy at my nudging and I have begun the adventure of tuning this little bike to get as much performance out of it as I possibly can. The XT225 site is great but this is where I hang out and hopefully we can expand the bikes influence in the dual sport market.

It is obviously a bargain bike and some of the stock parts scream this as the handlebars, grips, levers, footpegs, spokes, rims, tires, jetting, exhaust, controls, and how it's all put together from the factory is shite!

So my girl had a minor get off on it her first day and bent the handlebars and tweaked the triples. She was not hurt except for a mildly bruised knee and ego yet this was fortunate for the bike as it required me to begin my mods. I had to find alot of fixes myself as though there is some good info it is still slim pickins out there.

Here is what I've done so far:

Handlebars replaced with Pro Taper 7/8" black CR high bars. Very nice.

Levers replaced with MSR dominator YZ levers. Perfect fit and fit nicely behind the new Acerbis black brushguards. Used very slim rubberized washers for the levers to create a better fit and smoother action. Also drilled out the return spring hole in the MSR brake lever as it was to small for the stock spring.

Did some minor rerouting of the front control wires and general harness for future ease of disassembly.

Fitted a set of KTM folding mirrors. The left is regular thread and the right reverse but KTM makes a handy little bracket that replaces the rightside master cyl bar clamp with one that accepts a regualarly threaded mirror. Awsome mirrors. Gonna put them on my DR too.

Replaced the majority of bolts with stainless steel allen heads.

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