Thread: LC4 CDI issues?
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My 99 LC4E died a while back. I suspected the CDI unit since it was making a buzzing noise when the key was turned to the 'run' position, and some members here and KTM said that it should not buzz. I went through the cheap stuff first, and eventually ran through the electrical system check a few times. Everything met spec, so I bought a new CDI unit. Installed it, put in some fresh gas, cleaned the spark plug and it fired up. From what I gather from KTM, unless your local shop has a test bench (mine laughed when I asked), the only way to check the CDI is replacing it (or finding a buddy with a compatible model/year who'll let you borrow it). Per KTM, the CDI is a non-refundable item, and a bit pricey, so make sure you rule out the cheap/free/troubleshootable stuff first. Good luck!
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