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Convert Garmin Routes to Tracks/Tracks to Routes

Anyone know if its possible to convert Garmin Follow Road Routes (mapped out on Mapsource City Nav or Metroguide) into TRACKS? Reason being I watn to do this, is The GPS unit will always recaculat the route when loaded, so it doesnt look same as it does on Mapsource. You can do offroad trails on mapsource in your creation process if you turn off follow roads when u go to trails part, but when loaded in the 60CSX it goes crazy on this.

Another advantage of this, would be to use it as a track, I can then load any mapset (topo,roads&rec,etc) and follow the track so I can have the topo data on screen to look for dual sport oportunites,etc.

Plus another advantage of this I want to do, is Create a file with all the tracks of all the trails I have found in my county, and area (just the trails and data not shown on my garmin map) and then load it as an overlay for my map whenever I start a ride. Thus my trails will show on the map. Also would like ot be able to use a variety of colors on tracks, possibly one color for trail, one for gravel, one for rough pavment,etc..

I'm sorta new to GPS, just into it a couple of months, anyone know if this is possible?
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