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If you add enough "via" point into the route in mapsource, you can pretty much get the same route. I've had very good luck adding via points just after critical junctions that will keep my on the right path when routing on the GPS. Also mapsourse will allow you to draw tracks, so you could trace the routes...
I saw the track draw function but it is freehand from what I can tell, no way to make it follow roads? Also you can add more points yes, but when it comes to a road and offroad section (non mapped), it will not display right. Tho it will display right on mapsource.

I have yet to see much that is on Topo, or roads and rec that isn't on city select, but if you have to do it, you can create the route in the GPS using the city select maps, then once the route is created, you can change over to topo maps etc, and the route will still show up on your maps, at least until it tries to recalc if you go off route.
Mine won't. It will show on the computer at home on mapsource, but I cant get it to do it on the unit. Theres alot more on topo that isn't in city select. Rivers,Lakes, Mountains,Balds,Ridges,etc.
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