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Originally Posted by Python423
Mine won't. It will show on the computer at home on mapsource, but I cant get it to do it on the unit. Theres alot more on topo that isn't in city select. Rivers,Lakes, Mountains,Balds,Ridges,etc.

What you have to do is have both cityselect/citynavigator, and topo loaded on the unit. Then switch on the city navigator maps, select your route, calculate your route, then turn off the city navigator maps so that the topo maps show. Then the squiggly road following route will still show on the map screen, but you will be able to see the topo features.

I will often just switch back and forth between the two map sets on the unit. I am usually moving to fast to actually be paying attention to the more detail that is available on the topo stuff, so I run city select, then when I stop and want to have a look around, I turn off the city select mapset, and turn on the topo mapset, then I can look at peaks, trails, rivers, creeks and such.
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