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I have been running my KLX quite a bit this fall and plan to again in the spring before I pull my VFR out of storage. A couple of things:

I have decided to live with the crumby small tank, any GOOD ideas about an auxiliary since I think the Acerbis thing is a lost cause?

Anyone running heated Grips and / or heated vest? It was in the upper 30's when I got home today and I was getting a bit chilly. What can the charging system on the KLX handle and are their any options for beefing up the charging system since I suspect it is going to be weak.

I'm currently running Metzler Karoos, they seem to be OK on the dirt and pavement but the rear locks up REALLY easily now and I'm concerned they will really suck in the wet. Anyone have any experience with these vs. the Conti TKC 80's? Any better stopping or in the wet?

Bark Busters Moose or Acerbis??? I really want big wind deflectors since I'm running this rig late and early in the season.

Need to replace my handle bars since mine are tweaked, any suggestions?

New chain is due this winter, any thoughts on a specific brand before I just go generic?


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