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Originally Posted by daGeeeze
Great news. Plus I also have that unit already; just no time to install it or expiriment with it. Any plans on cable handling?

Thanks and keep us posted please!
My GS won't be here until the end of the month, but I am starting on the K1200S this weekend. That will allow me to resolve some of the issues such as interfacing the brake (and clutch, if possible), power, tach pulse, and control switching. Hopefully resolving those issues will make the install on the GS a little easier.

For cable handling, I am going to look at parts data tomorrow and see what can be done to turn the GS throttle cable splitter into one like the RT uses. I am hopeful that the parts can be ordered to convert the GS splitter. I will not try to add the second cable back up to the throttle grip, but would like to interface the cruise servo to the cable splitter in the same fashion as on the RT.
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