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Haaaaaargh!!! So all my complaints about jetting have been wrong. The jetting was never the problem. For some odd reason fuel is not getting to the carb. I have used about 5 different kinds of fuel line (mostly clear) once I realized that this was happening. The vent line from the fuel tank is working fine so it's not vapor lock due to that. The petcock is not blocked and as far as I can tell it's not the float needle sticking though I am going to remove and investigate it. I can remove the fuel line from the petcock and turn it to reserve and fuel comes shooting out but the minute I reattach it nada, nothing, it won't even exit the petcock under pressure and make it's way to the inlet on the carb even if the needle was sticking it should at least fill the line. I can even wiggle the fuel line and get fuel to come through. It's completely intermiten as well. This is such a simple system. It's almost acting like a vacuum operated petcock but it's not.

Though I just did think of something hmmm. I believe the carbon can which I have removed had three lines. Two going in and one a drain coming out. If I remember correctly one of the lines was coming out of a port on the carb. Maybe the fuel delivery system is vacuum operated after all. It would be a strange setup though using vacuum from the exit side of the carb routed through the carbon can and using the tanks breather line oneway valve as a fuel stop. Worth a try though.
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